Second Year

The second year is aimed at further developing the students’ understanding of the Bible and their ability to teach it to others in a variety of settings.

Over the course of the year students focus more closely on six key doctrines and how to teach them. This is done through a workshop session, where students will undertake a talk or Bible study to the group before feedback.

All students on the second year of the course must have completed the foundation year, or undergone a similar training programme elsewhere.

Passport photoMy name is Justin. I  was serving in the Royal Marines and prior to living to begin Ordination training with the Church of England,  I did both years  of the PGP course.

The growth, development and support for my ministry has been exponential personally, professionally and within the Church.  Not only has the teaching been outstanding but the practical skills to put the principles and teaching into your ministry biblically, pastorally and walk in a closer relationship with the Lord have been fantastic. The PGP course has laid unrivalled foundations to begin my theological training as an Ordinand and the support, encouragement and affirmation both internally and externally during the journey of discernment, as well as the spiritual growth, have been complimentary.

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