Becoming a Partner

The strength of the Partnership lies in being a partnership of local churches.

There are 2 categories of Partners:

  1. Church Partner – where a church enters the Partnership in accordance with its own decisionmaking procedures.
  2. Individual Partner – for ministers where the church they serve is not yet in a position to become a member

Basis of partnership:

If a church (or individual) is clearly…

  • in sympathy with the values and aims of the Partnership
  • subscribes to the doctrinal basis of the Partnership and its convictions about the shape of gospel ministry
  • and is willing to fulfil the Partnership commitment

‘Partnership’ is expressed by a commitment to…

  • working together with other Partnership churches to further the Partnership’s aims
  • attending Partnership meetings (churches may be represented by the senior member of the leadership team plus up to 2 other leaders)
  • praying for the work of the Partnership and the churches involved
  • signing the doctrinal basis & convictions about the shape of ministry annually
  • a regular financial gift, at least annually, to the Partnership *

Being a Partner is subject to agreement by the Steering Group. A member of the Steering Group will visit a potential partner before they formally apply to join.

* It is recognised that some churches are not in a strong financial position, especially new plants. ‘For if the readiness is there it is acceptable according to what a person has, not according to what he does not have’ 2 Cor 8:12 There is therefore no strictly defined amount: the fact of some contribution indicates commitment. However, as a guideline the suggested amount is £5 per ‘member’ per year. How you define ‘member’ is up to you!


In addition ‘Supporters’ are individuals who pledge to support the work of the Partnership in prayer and financially.They  receive regular updates for prayer and information.

If you would be interested in becoming a partner or a supporter, please contact: Tim Jenkin, Partership Coordinator or Philip de Grey-Warter, Chair of the Steering Group 

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