1 John with Gwilym Davies

1 John a
1 John b
1 John c
1 John d


Evangelism in a rapidly changing landscape with Rico Tice

Session 1

Session 2 

Session 3


Understanding Job with Angus Macleay

Download Exposition 1&2

Download Exposition 3&4


2019 PGP Conference

Bible expositions from 1 Peter
Philip de Grey-Warter

Karl Freeman

Overheads to accompany Philip’s exposition

1 Peter 1v13-2v3, PGP Jan 19, Presentation

Pen Portrait from Brian Murray – Encouragement and prayer

News of gospel advance and gospel challenge around the region



Preachers’ Pitstop

“I’ll never read the Bible the same again”
response from Tinoda Mlalazi, 19 year old delegate

An excellent couple of days getting into the heart of Mark’s Gospel with Andrew Sach. You need to have been there to get the full benefit, especially the workshops, but do make the most of the links below.

Exposition 1

Exposition 2

Exposition 3

Exposition 4


PGP Annual Conference 2017

Andy Paterson’s ‘Mission in a Rapidly Changing Culture’



Nick McQuaker’s talk on ‘Partnerships in Progress’




Philip de Grey-Warter “Why Gospel Partnership?”

John Stevens “The Gospel we must Preach”



Neil Powell “Weakness is the Way”

Neil Powell “Proclaiming Boldly”

Philip de Grey-Warter “Keeping Evangelism Front and Central”


Wookey “Evangelism in a Rural Setting”

Taylor “Mission of Christ”

Taylor “Manifesto of Christ”

Davies “Evangelism Amongst Men”