Partnership Days

PGP Partnership days provide the opportunity to meet to encourage one another, be equipped and pray together for the work of the gospel across the Peninsula. Each day includes some high-quality teaching on a Bible book or subject.

The teaching element of Partnership days is open to all and are particularly suitable to those who teach the Bible on a regular basis, especially members of a staff team, eldership and small group leaders.

One of the sessions during the day (usually after lunch) also provides the opportunity for the leaders of Partner Churches to meet together.

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Partnership Days for 2019

PGP Annual Conference 

You can hear the talks under Resources

 2019 Digging Deeper Partnership Days

Monday 13th May
with Angus MacLeay at St Leonards, Exeter
A study day on the book of Job

We had a great time seeing Job in a new light and being pointed to Christ. Well worth listening to the talks under Resources


Wednesday 4th December
with Rico Tice

Evangelism in a rapidly changing landscape

St Matthew’s Church
Sherford Rd,

Please bring a packed lunch

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£10 no hidden charges

19:30 Coffee
10-11 Preparing yourself
11.45-12.45 Encouraging the church
1.45-2.45 Preaching
(The senior pastors stay on 3-4 for partnership meeting. )