Partnership Days

PGP Partnership days provide the opportunity to meet to encourage one another, be equipped and pray together for the work of the gospel across the Peninsula. Each day includes some high-quality teaching on a Bible book or subject.

The teaching element of Partnership days is open to all and are particularly suitable to those who teach the Bible on a regular basis, especially members of a staff team, eldership and small group leaders.

One of the sessions during the day (usually after lunch) also provides the opportunity for the leaders of Partner Churches to meet together.

Partnership Days for 2018

Digging Deeper Partnership Training Day

Monday 14 May 2018, 10am-4pm, with Kanishka Raffel (Dean of Sydney Cathedral).

Kanishka was born in London to Sri Lankan parents and was raised as a Buddhist. While studying law at Sydney University a friend gave him a copy of The Gospel according to John and he subsequently became a Christian. Prior to becoming Dean in 2016, Kanishka served as Rector of St Matthew’s in Perth. He is married to Cailey and they have two daughters. He loves curry, cricket and having gelato at the beach with his family but knows no pleasure so great as sharing the news about Jesus with people who have no idea who Jesus is or how much he loves them.

Venue: St Matthew’s Church, Elburton, Plymouth, 10am-4pm (coffee served from 9.30am)

Cost £10, please bring your own lunch

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Preachers’ Pitstop

Thursday evening 22nd November 2018 to Saturday lunchtime 24th November
The main speaker is Andrew Sachs (who co-authored Digging Deeper and Digging Even Deeper). The conference will be held at Sidholm Hotel, Sidmouth

Accommodation details and pricing will be posted here in due course.