Vision and Aims


The Peninsula Gospel Partnership (PGP) is a network of local churches from different denominations who want to see a Christ-centred, Bible- teaching, people-loving church available to every community in Devon and Cornwall.


Working and striving together in vigorous, robust and energetic partnership to proclaim the good news of the Lord Jesus Christ is a good, godly, necessary and urgent thing:

  • Because gospel partnership is an objective reality, as we trust the message of the apostles, the historic witnesses to the Lord Jesus Christ, so we become partners with them and through them with him (1 John 1v3-4). To be Christian is to be in partnership and this ought to be expressed both locally & regionally.
  • Because it is how gospel ministry works. From the outset local churches have worked inter-dependently, supporting one another in evangelism and prayer and with resources (eg Romans 15v23-32).
  • Because it gives great joy and does us good. The depth of relationship forged in working side by side for the gospel is a massive encouragement and there is huge blessing to be found in contributing and being generous for gospel growth. (Philippians 1v3-8, 4v15-17).
  • Because it is worship. Giving money to gospel work and expressing gospel partnership in financial support is a sweet aroma to the Lord. (Philippians 4v18)
  • Because we need each other more than ever. As authentic gospel witness is increasingly marginalised and under attack, it is vital that we stand shoulder to shoulder. In addition, the scale and urgency of the gospel task to proclaim Jesus across the Peninsula should compel us to work together wherever we can.


There is value in our churches and their leaders investing time, energy and money in partnering together for the progress of the gospel. The potential value can be realised when it is understood that partnership provides:

  • A means of sharing good practice between healthy gospel ministries throughout the Peninsula, including disseminating good practice from national and specialist bodies.
  • A means of cooperating (by coordinating activities and sharing resources) in our gospel mission. (For example in training leaders, evangelism and church planting)
  • A means of creating and sustaining ownership of responsibility for gospel advance across the Peninsula.
  • A means of promoting and sustaining relationships of mutual support and accountability between leaders (and to some extent churches) that counter isolation and isolationism. This is an encouragement to people (and churches) to keep going in healthy gospel ministry.
  • A means of affirming an identity that clarifies and communicates where churches and ministers stand, and what they stand for, within British Evangelicalism.
  • A means of demonstrating a visible and active unity between churches that commends the gospel before a watching world.

The extent and manner by which these benefits are realised will vary among the churches within the Peninsula Gospel Partnership, depending on the level of involvement with PGP and any other networks to which each church may belong.